Thai marinated vegetables with noodles and egg – 4 May 2011

D put together a marvelously delicious dinner tonight!

He made a dipping sauce – Nuoc Cham –  from our Vietnamese cookbook called Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table. He marinated some matchsticked veggies [I think in the dipping sauce], and sauteed them briefly with peanuts [I think in oil]. Looks to me like carrots, sugar snap peas, radishes, and perhaps zucchini. Is that parsley or cilantro?

When the veggies were done, he pushed them over to one side of the pan and scrambled an egg in the space. All of this he tossed with rice noodles, which he had just let steep in some boiling water. Here’s a closeup:

{This was drafted on the 4th of May, but I’m trying to fill it in on the 4th of July instead, hence the brackets.}

I see we had the Entre Deux Mers from Moulin de Ferrand with this dinner. I remember it was an altogether excellent meal.

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