Eggplant and green pepper with tapioca noodles and peanut dipping sauce – 9 May 2011

I think D made up this dish, except for the dipping sauce, which was actually poured over the top, rather than dipped in. I took the picture before putting on the sauce b/c I thought it would be prettier this way (and I was right).

He cooked some garlic a bit in oil, then added eggplant and green pepper and Thai basil; at the very end, he added teensy shrimp and cooked till they were done. He says he would peel the eggplant if redoing this, as some flakes of peel got burnt and very hard.

He put Cambodian tapioca noodles into hot water for several minutes – perhaps a bit too long (they got mushy). He is working out how long they really need to be done perfectly. He put the veggies over the noodles and then tossed on some peanuts roasted in the shell (without salt). He made peanut dipping sauce from our Vietnamese cookbook – Corinne Trang’s Authentic Vietnamese Cooking – Food from a Family Table. She calls it Nuoc Leo. Nuoc has got to be “sauce” as all the sauces are Nuocs! D forgot the sugar and says he would include it next time, but it was very good anyway. D also made a new loaf of bread today. We had a tiny bit to sop up the extra dipping sauce, and it was quite delicious.

He found an Umbrian frizante Moscato at the Bowl and decided to try it out. It’s only 8% alcohol, so no problem enjoying the whole bottle into the after-dinner conversation. It was tasty and quite different – amusing. Worth buying again.La Fiera seems to mean “The Fair,” and there is a story on the back about how carousels came to be (in Italy).

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