Thai take-out from Anchalee – 17 May 2011

Another hard day of work on the house. We planned in advance to order take-out from Anchalee, which is about 1/2 mile from our house. It was really good food, as we knew from eating there once and having take-out at some neighbors’ during a neighborhood meeting.

We had three main dishes:

Yum Nuer: beef salad with garlic, onion, mint, rice powder, cilantro, and lime juice

Green Bean Chicken with basil and bell pepper in a medium-spicy red curry sauce

Goong Sawan: prawns bacon sauteed (I’m interpreting this as prawns sauteed in bacon fat) with a sweet and sour sauce, served with spicy green beans and onion

and two small plates:

Popiyah: crispy vegetable rolls with house plum sauce and “grounded peanuts” (says R: at least we can’t be electrocuted!)

Kanom Pak Kard: steamed radish cakes sauteed with beansprout and chives. This dish is not in the main photo and is shown below:

R thought the prawns were the best, and was somewhat disappointed that the beef salad was not more notable (though he certainly thought it was good). I really loved the crispy rolls and the chicken curry, and also enjoyed the radish cakes with sweet and sour sauce. We all really liked everything, in truth, but definitely had favorites. The person on the phone recommended their brown rice, so I ordered that, and it was really superb. It reminded me of cooking brown rice with an admixture of soaked wheat berries, something we used to do back in the early 70s.

D chilled some of the Bear Boat that we got for Thai and related food, and it was a really good match for the dinner. R liked it a lot, too. We also had a bit of leftover Chateau Bonnet from lunch (!) (D evidently rewarding all of us for working so hard), and it was very nice, though it didn’t match with the Thai food tastes as well.

[Drafted the 17th, completed the 20th}

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