Lamb chunks, morels, and artichokes – 19 May 2011

We got our case of wine from The People’s Wine Revolution and D made a dinner to celebrate.

He defrosted a packet of 6 kebab-sized chunks of lamb from a Costco boneless leg of NZ lamb, and marinated these with thyme, lemon, sesame oil, salt and pepper, then sauteed in a tiny bit of olive oil.

He cut 3 morels into quarters lengthwise, and separated the stems from heads, cleaned them (almost well enough) and sauteed in oil with large slices of garlic for couple of minutes. The heads were tastier than the stems, but both were good.

The artichokes he cooked in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes (instead of cooking w/o pressure 45 mins). This was way too long – D says “probably 10 minutes too long”. Try steaming instead of boiling for 15 mins? They were watery, so the melted butter (in those little bowls, which I preheated by microwaving with water in them, about 1 minute overall for the two of them) did not stick too well. (Also: the butter should be salted, not unsalted butter. It had a bit of lemon in it.)

Everything went together really well: mushrooms with lamb, artichoke with both, and wine with everything. We had Bea’s Knees, a Syrah/Zin blend from People’s Wine Revolution, which was a terrific match for the meal, and a great deal at $10/bottle.

Here is PWR’s Plan to take over the World.

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