Pizza Margherita; carrot sticks – 25 May 2011

Once again we were near the end of the bread so I offered to make a pizza. D expressed a fondness for Margherita, and since it is about the easiest possible pizza and I love it, how could I disagree?

I had about 1/2 cup of margherita sauce (canned tomatoes, basil, oregano, salt and pepper) in the freezer from last time I made this pizza, and I used it all on this one. I think it could have used a bit more salt, but D was not convinced of this. I bought 2 balls (4.4 oz each) of Gustosella Mozzarella di Bufalo, and used all of it that I didn’t nibble while cutting it (only the tiniest of ends! really!). I bought $1 worth of basil at the Derby Street farmers’ market yesterday, and took off a lot of the little leaves to use on this pizza. D used some of the basil last night in the pasta sauce, and this is what is left from my $1 purchase:

The basil is tossed on after cooking. Here is the finished pizza.

It was too wet, which it has not been before. I attribute this problem to the fact that I did not cut up the mozzarella until just before putting in onto the pizza. Ordinarily, I cut it and let it stand on the cutting board for 1/2 hour or an hour or more, during which time it drains a bit. Will have to add that caveat to the recipe.

I also cut up a bit of carrot, as there is close to no veggie goodness in this pizza. OK, 1/2 a 14 oz. can of tomatoes, cooked down a lot, but still…

I asked D to get out another bottle of the 2009 People’s Wine Revolution Syrah, which I thought went very nicely with the pizza. I really enjoyed tasting the wine before dinner, too. I don’t think this is the ideal dish for this wine yet, though. It may be that both of the PWR wines prefer meats or bolder dishes.

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