Savory pancakes with bacon, dandelion greens and lemon-parsley butter – 3 June 2011

I’m only managing to write this on the 19th, but I remember the day pretty well. D and his dad P worked on the front yard, weeding a lot of stuff, but carefully sparing the dandelions, which we consider a food crop. This is a favorite recipe, which we make when dandelions are plentiful. It’s from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, an outstanding cookbook.

I see this was a dinner with one of D’s unorthodox table settings 😉

So, the recipe doesn’t look hard, but there are quite a few parts to it. When D and I work on it together, it becomes quite manageable. I cook the scallion pancakes, which take 3-4 minutes each to cook (3 per person) while he does the other stuff that requires constant attention, like frying the bacon and making the melted butter with parsley. All this has to follow the long process of cleaning and stemming the dandelion leaves. I picked and cleaned about 2 dozen large leaves used for the 3 of us. The dandelions are steamed to tenderness as one part of the story. One essential thing is to have a warm oven to keep the finished pancakes, and, having it, one might as well put in the finished bacon, and the plates for warming.

Then it’s pancake, greens, bacon, repeat, end with a pancake, and pour lemon-parsley butter over the whole thing. It is SO delicious! Or trust me, we wouldn’t go through all the work!

We had a favorite white with this, Nobilo, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc we get from Trader Joe’s. It’s crisp and refreshing and we like it a lot. It was a lot cheaper when we first encountered it, though. People caught on, I guess. Also, this is a different label than the one we originally got, and we think a slightly different wine, but we are not sure of that.

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