Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce; salad – 5 June 2011

I’m writing this on the 15th, and looking back at the pictures – quite a few of them, interestingly – to figure out what we had for dinner. D’s dad P was here, and D was cooking. He made a very simple pasta, which uses canned tomatoes, cooked quickly and at high heat in a bit of olive oil, with basil added at the end (and salt and pepper).

D also made a simple salad. I just asked him what that creamy-looking dressing was. He was confident it was a mustard vinaigrette, but thinks there was something left over from some meal that he tossed in, perhaps something including mayonnaise.

Looks like there was Romaine as the main lettuce, and each plate had a nasturtium from the garden. I also see asparagus, probably left over from a lunch we had, and perhaps some lettuce leaves from the garden, also.

We made a new bread, which I’m sure was excellent b/c it looks great and most of them are excellent. I think I recall D telling P that he’d put Grape Nuts fines in it, and 1/6 cup whole wheat flour.

We also had some leftover nectarine sorbet and blueberries from the 4th, which made a very nice dessert.






The wine was from the Grape Expectations store on 4th Street. I’m afraid I don’t recall that much about it at this point 😦

Bread, cooling on its rack before dinner.

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1 Response to Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce; salad – 5 June 2011

  1. kat says:

    Have you tried Marcella Hazan’s simple tomato sauce? I love her sauce! It’s my go-to sauce because it only needs 3 ingredients! I did a post on it, please check it out and let me know what you think! I’m new to this blogging thing and I love checking out foodie blogs!

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