Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich; broccolini – 9 June 2011

Serious challenge… have to cook when there is bread, so no pizza! I was thinking about the two tomatoes that have been sitting here hoping to ripen, and now looking as though they are tired of the whole thing… what could I do with the tomatoes. And the remaindered bacon… BLTs! LOL!

The bacon is Boar’s Head, Naturally Smoked, from Canada. I got it at the Bowl last week for a lunch when D, R&I had those savory pancakes in the second photo in the banner (see also 23 April). It’s seems to be a good bacon, but you must take that with a grain of salt b/c I don’t really know that much about bacon. I bought some fresh little red-leaf lettuce at the Bowl, and used a leaf on each sandwich. The bread is new today, D’s standard no-knead loaf. I cut it very thin – two large, center slices. (The three of us got almost all the way to the center at lunch today, eating my goat cheese, tomato sauce and olive dish from Patricia Wells.)

Not much to it: I toasted the bread a bit in the toaster oven, slathered on some mayonnaise, stacked up lettuce, two slices of bacon per sandwich, and half a tomato each. It was yummy 🙂

I tried to recreate the broccolini that M made on the 30th of May, but I didn’t quite get it. The broccolini was (were) only in the organic section of the Bowl today, interestingly. I didn’t see any in the regular section. Anyway: boil water, toss broccolini in for a minute, remove. Toss with, per M: garlic, oil, and lemon zest. I had 1/3 of a pound of broccolini, and used one smallish clove of garlic (minced) and zest from half a lemon. Didn’t work. I zested the other half of the lemon quickly, and salted quite a bit, and that got it closer to M’s version. I think drain more thoroughly so it’s not wet, use 2 cloves of garlic for that much broccolini, and an entire lemon, zested. And salt. M was emphatic that he did not salt the water, which i found curious, but I didn’t do it either.


D brought up a Bordeaux from Les Caves Joseph, which we get from Trader Joe’s. It was very enjoyable with this dinner.

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