Linguine with grilled radicchio and endive, Roquefort, and toasted walnuts – 13 June 2011

I was looking for something to have with fresh bread, and came up with this pasta, which used some of the excellent Roquefort I got at the Cheese Board on Friday.

This is from the Weber’s Art of the Grill, and is an example of the excellence of that book. You grill halved endive, oil brushed, and a quartered small head of radicchio, likewise oiled, on medium heat and covered, so that they cook before the outsides burn. Toast walnut pieces by heating them in a frypan with constant turning. Mix Roquefort with red wine vinegar and walnut oil. Chop parsley.

Cook the linguine (recipe is actually for Fettucine) in salted water, drain, then return to the warm pan and add the Roquefort vinaigrette, toss, add the grilled radicchio and endive, toasted walnuts, and parsley; toss again, and serve. It’s so yummy! Back in January, I tried this filling as a pizza, and it was great there, too.

We’ve never tried this with the recommended wine, which is a Vouvray. I bought a Chenin Blanc (Vouvray’s grape) at the Bowl to see how it would work, and it was pretty convincing. I think we should have cooled it more, however. I’m a fan of whites if they’re crispy and cold.

I made the bread today – no-knead bread with about 1/6 whole wheat, and the fines from a mega box of Grape Nuts. It seems a bit small, but has a great texture, and is very tasty.

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