Leftover lamb biryani; broccoli; peach – 15 June 2011

Easy dinner tonight – I just reheated the lamb biryani and cooked some broccoli.

To reheat the lamb biryani, I put a small layer of water into a saucepan for steam, added an appropriate amount of the l.b., covered it, and heated on medium high, then medium or medium low, for 10 or 15 minutes. I also salted it quite a bit and stirred it up, b/c the consensus was (we had this for lunch yesterday, also) that it was not sufficiently salty. The recipe calls for salt, but does not specify an amount. I cut up a large stalk of broccoli into florets and stem pieces, peeling the stem and cutting it into quarters lengthwise to get it thin enough to cook quickly. I boiled a small amount of water and put the broccoli, in a steamer, into the pan and steamed for 5 minutes. Then I emptied the pan of water, put the broccoli back in (sans steamer), added butter and salted generously, and tossed it while heating on low (low on our stove is seriously low – can leave it on all day w/o burning the contents of the pan).

D chose a wine from Trader Joe’s that we are trying for the first time. It’s super cheap, and it has a good taste. We thought it went well with the dish. It’s a tempranillo called “La Finca.”

We had a peach from one of the farmers’ markets (not sure which by now – we got peaches at both Berkeley and Grand Lake on Saturday). Great dessert – made us happy 🙂

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