Panini on Acme herb slab with roasted red peppers and Bulgarian feta; avocado salad – 20 June 2011

In this dinner, I used up the other two red peppers I had bought in an 89c/lb bag at the Bowl and roasted on the 17th. I made two of them into sauce for the grilled eggplant sandwiches that day, and the other two were in tonight’s herb slab sandwiches.

I had some Bulgarian feta left over from time immemorial, and I mixed that with oregano from the garden and a bunch of olive oil. I’m always unsatisfied with red pepper and eggplant sandwiches because they don’t seem to hang together, so the “saucier” feta was an attempt to fix that – a rather successful attempt, actually. Anyway, I split the remaining herb slab horizontally, smeared the feta/oil/herb mix onto it, and laid the slabs of roasted pepper over that, topped with the other side of the bread and grilled on my panini press, which I’m thinking more and more was a great thing to buy.

I had one more avocado lying about, and cut that up for a salad, and put it over romaine and some wild arugula from the Bowl. I just mixed up some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and it made a really good dressing for this salad. We had the remaining 500ml of the PWR syrah, and it was a fine wine to have with this. Here’s the foot of our amusing 500ml bottle, sitting on its little wine coaster:

{Written the 22nd}

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