Pasta salad with sliced ham and sugar snap peas; Pecorino Crotonese – 21 June 2011

It was an actual Hot Day, scheduled to be 89 degrees, which was an excellent excuse for a pasta salad. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, but there were 2 slices of Saag’s Black Forest Ham that wanted eating, and half of a tomato, part of which had been used for lunch yesterday.

The reason I’ve been thinking of pasta salad was that we have all these nifty pastas from Costco sitting around. This one was multicolored fusilli. I got some sugar snap peas at the Derby St. Farmers’ Market today. I cooked them in boiling water (salted, b/c of its next role) for 2 minutes, in a mesh container so I could easily pop them out and into ice water, and then I tossed the pasta into the same water for 11 minutes. I used 6 oz pasta. The online amounts said I should use less, and they were right (5 oz would have been plenty for the two of us), but man, it does not look like much before it’s cooked. Oh ye of little faith. Anyway, I cut up the little snap peas into 2 or 3 pieces each, cut the ham into 1/2″ – 3/4″ squares, cut the half tomato into small dice, tore up a few parsley leaves, added several sprigs’ worth of thyme leaves, and tossed the whole thing in perhaps 2T olive oil and 1T red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. It would have been a good idea to marinate the herbs in the dressing, but I didn’t mix it in advance. The salad was good enough, but nothing to write home about. We tried D’s idea of shaving some Pecorinco Crotonese that I bought when the Bowl had tastes out. It was on sale for $14 instead of $20, and is quite delicious. I thought the salad was fine without it, but I loved it shaved and eaten with my new bread.

The bread was beautiful and also quite excellent. D mixed it last night using the organic flour from Costco that Acme seems also to use, with some Grape Nuts fines added in. I cooked it today at 450 for 40 minutes covered, and 15-20 (leaning toward the latter) uncovered. It was awfully pretty 🙂

D brought up a Valreas, though unfortunately it wasn’t as delicious as some of them are. Or maybe it didn’t like the food, I don’t know. OK, just not fabulous.

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