Spaghetti with tomato sauce and sausage; sugar snap peas with mint – 22 June 2011

A few days ago at the Bowl I found Roma tomatoes in a ‘use me quick’ 99 cent bag. I brought them home, and D set about making a tomato sauce with them, cooking garlic and onions, the chopped tomatoes, the rest of the basil that was in water on the island, and salt and pepper. Today I hunted through the freezer to find the old sausages we were sure were in there, and sure enough I found an Habanero and Green Chili sausage from Bruce Aidell. When we first bought these sausages, we expected them to be a rarely-used oddity, but they turned out to be fabulous in just about anything, especially providing sparkle and bite to spaghetti sauces. Hence.

I cut one of those up by splitting it down the middle and then slicing it in about 1/4″ slices, which I browned in olive oil. I added enough of the tomato sauce to serve the two of us, and heated it thoroughly, then left it on the stove waiting for D to come home – which took quite awhile b/c he was fighting with some vehicle’s electrical system at work. It turned out to be a very tasty pasta sauce.

I also de-threaded the rest of the sugar snap peas I bought at the farmers’ market on Tuesday (a few ended up sauteed in the leftover rice for lunch today) and boiled them briefly (notes say “a 1/2 minutes” – ?) in unsalted water; I put them into a large-mesh strainer, so as to be able to remove them easily, and tossed them into cold tap water when done so they would cool past cooking temperature. After D called and said he was walking home, I started the pasta water and got that going. When it was nearly done, I put cleaned, chopped mint leaves, stemmed and torn into pieces, into about 1 T butter in a small frying pan. After letting those sit for a bit, I put in the pre-cooked peas, cooked them quickly for a minute or less, salting a bit in the process. They were really good! Still had lots of crunch and flavor.

We had leftover Valreas from last night, and, remarkably, (we had to look this up) the Finca from over a week ago. The Finca was in a small bottle with a nifty battery-operated pump-cap from D’s Dad P, which evacuates air whenever it gets in, to protect the wine. It stayed quite drinkable through all that time.

{Written on the 22nd or so, pictures added and copy-edited 9 July)

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