Cheeses and sugar snap peas before the City Council meeting – 28 June 2011

Dinner before yet another City Council meeting, so it had to be quick to eat.

I went to the Cheese Board and got some Fromager d’Affinois, and also a nifty little ball of chevre, rather solid and creamy, coated with chopped apricots. I also bought some more picholine olives, and we had some of those, in addition to some Nicoise from the fridge. We had the remainder of the loaf of bread I made a couple of days ago with this, and it was remarkably good, though one always expects to have a baguette with cheeses like these. At the farmers’ market today (in the pouring rain!!) I bought a couple of handfuls of really cute little sugar snap peas. I stemmed these, boiled them for two minutes, and cooled them briefly in cold running water, and let them drain. Then I melted a bit of butter and tossed the peas in it. They were really excellent.

We had the 1/3 bottle of leftover Trentatre from last night, which was good with everything – even the apricot cheese, reports D (I didn’t try that combination).

{Drafted the 28th, edited the 2nd}

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