Spaghetti with tomato sauce; chard from the garden – 5 July 2011

D put this together after getting home from work, and it was a very good dinner.

For the pasta sauce, he cooked olive oil, a can of tomato paste, some oregano from the garden and parsley from the Bowl (shame on us – no happy parsley in the garden!), garlic, brown mushrooms, some sausage with pepper on the outside (probably Columbus), salt and pepper. He used a potato peeler to shave some Pecorino Crotonese over the top, and it was a wonderful addition. He cut some fairly young chard leaves – in fact, an entire plant that was near the tomato (a volunteer) – and boiled the stems, and then the leaves too, in salted water. After draining, he sprinkled on some balsamic vinegar. The leaves were marvelously tender, and this was a delicious way to serve them.

We finally had the teeny bread loaf we baked last night, along with the excellent hamburger buns. It was a wonderful bread, in addition to being terminally cute. You have to see yesterday’s entry for the true level of Cute of this bread, though.

D remembered that we had gotten this wine long ago from Grocery Outlet, and my 10 Sept post from last year confirmed it. I sure didn’t recall that. It’s a Malbec from Argentina called “Naiara”, and was quite enjoyable. Not filtered, and since we pour off portions, what is actually first in our glasses is the end of the bottle. Sometimes you have to get rid of the crud before refilling your glass!

Later, we had more of yesterday’s pie for dessert.

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1 Response to Spaghetti with tomato sauce; chard from the garden – 5 July 2011

  1. kat says:

    Have you tried Marcella Hazan’s simple tomato sauce? I love her sauce! It’s my go-to sauce because it only needs 3 ingredients! I did a post on it, please check it out and let me know what you think! I’m new to this blogging thing and I love checking out foodie blogs!

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