Tilapia; rice; Brussels sprouts; cucumber relish – 6 July 2011

D was all set to cook some fish with salsa, since we had a lot of salsa leftover from the vat he made for lunch today. However, he was really interested in tasting the fish more on its own, so he put off the salsafish till tomorrow lunch.

Amusingly, he then proceeded to flavor the fish with cayenne, coriander, and cumin, plus lime juice, and a bit of lime peel. He fried it in olive oil and tossed in leftover rice (Thai jasmine) from the weekend, which cooked up nicely, including some crispy bits. The rice and fish were delicious, and very nicely done. The fish was kind of… soft and fluffy, in a way, but a good way. D also boiled some Brussels sprouts, and then refried them briefly in butter, with salt and pepper, and they were really yummy. He also added more cucumber, cilantro and hot peppers (including some Serrano from the salsa at lunch) to the sugar/vinegar water from the cucumber relish, and served that. The pepper really heated it up quite a bit, but not so much as to be painful šŸ˜‰

D found a new Dry Riesling at the Bowl, from Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington State, (“Washington AC”) and it really went well with this meal. It is a 2009, from Columbia Valley.

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