Pasta with cranberry beans and soppresatta; zucchini – 7 July 2011

Great dinner tonight!

D bought more cranberry beans at the Bowl, and cooked them at lunchtime in lamb stock from the freezer (about a quart). He added savory and thyme from the garden, and boiled them about 1/2 an hour (actually, I took them off after he went to work, but I had no idea how long they’d been on). He salted them about 20 minutes from the end. For dinner, he cooked some red onion in olive oil, mashed some of the beans and added a bunch of whole ones, plus oregano and parsley from the garden, and a few thin slices of soppresatta that I froze after using what I needed a couple months ago. D also added some of the bean-cooking stock, more and more as the beans dried while re-cooking, to the point he thinks he used between 1/2 cup and 1 cup of stock in the pasta sauce. He also added more oil late in the process. He put this over regular spaghetti, which worked well. He also cooked quartered slices from a mediumish zucchini, plus onion, and that was a tasty veggie.

D also mixed a bread yesterday and forgot to cook it in time for lunch, so I finished it off this afternoon. It was very beautiful 🙂

We had leftover wines – the Naiara from Tuesday and… what? [Looks at blog…] Must have been Monte Antico, from a week ago!

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