Polenta with red and green peppers and mixed greens – 10 July 2011

D cooked an old favorite tonight, with some variations. This is from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, one of the best cookbooks we’ve ever had.

It has two parts: polenta, 1:6 with water, cooked for  quite a long time, with cheese added at the end; and veggies – red and green peppers (or whatever cool colors you can find) cut into strips and cooked in oil, then greens added and cooked. The cheese is usually cheddar. The greens are usually chard, spinach, and perhaps mustard. This time the cheese was an interesting Gruyere-like new one we got at the Bowl this week called Winzer, and the greens were dandelion leaves from the front yard, and chard from the garden out back. All good 🙂

D chose a wine from Costco: Cameron Hughes 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, “Lot 73”, from Sonoma’s Chalk Hill. It was very good. We had 1/3 of it for lunch today, and stored the rest in one of our cutest smaller bottles, a 500 ml round flask D got at a chemical supply house in Berkeley before they moved away.

I went and shot the bottle, too:

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