Spaghetti al Cacio e Pepe; Brussels sprouts – 13 July 2011

D cooked this in a flash, after we put together another apple pie and popped it in the oven. Great dinner 🙂

The recipe is from Trattoria by Patricia Wells. You  cook spaghetti as usual, and toss it with grated pecorino (he used this neat Pecorino Crotonese that the Bowl has had on sale recently), olive oil and pepper. D also boiled some halved Brussels sprouts, and then reheated them in butter  with some pepper grated over them. Easy and delicious!

I enjoyed the rather stark look of this dinner.

We had a new loaf of D’s no-knead bread today, which he made entirely with the Central Milling Company flour we get from Costco, and which Cheese Board also apparently uses. The bread has a sort of sweetness that we thought to attribute to added Grape Nuts fines, but there were none in this loaf and it still had that flavor. Next, D is going to make a plain white bread with King Arthur bread flour, which he used to do routinely, and see how the breads differ.

D brought up another bottle of Trentatre, a red wine we get at Trader Joe’s for about $6. It’s a mix of cab, merlot, and Montepulciano, which I think I’m going to call “red table wine” for the tag set…

And then we’re going to have some apple pie. This is another made from culled apples that D removed from our overproducing tree – mostly teeny ones, and all very premature, but in a pie, they’re fine. Their skin is so fine and delicate he doesn’t even peel them. I scrubbed up a huge number of them, which he prepped for the insides, and I made the crust as usual. Better go serve it up!

Yikes! Forgot that R had brought us some cinnamon ice cream that he made in anticipation of the pie. Wow it’s good…

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