Tuna confit sandwiches on Acme rolls; arugula salad; mushrooms with rosemary – 16 July 2011

This was take-out with flair 🙂

We couldn’t go to the Kermit Lynch/Cafe Fanny/Acme Bread Bastille Day party for lunch, but I realized I could get the food and the wine before the event ended, and serve it for dinner, so we wouldn’t miss it. B/c it would be waiting awhile before being eaten, I got them to give me the huge sandwich roll separate from its filling (mayonnaise; tuna with cucumber, oil, no doubt other stuff; thick slices of peeled tomato), and the arugula salad.

When I saw the size of one sandwich, I quickly decided we needed only one copy of the meal – half a sandwich each – so later I thought about adding a veggie, and looked in the fridge. The mushrooms (from a mixed-size, white and brown mushroom discount bag with D bought at the Bowl) spoke to me of needing a venue, so I got a tiny sprig of rosemary off our plant out back, and cooked them  in butter, on med-hi, stirring most of the time.

There were several wines being sold at the event to go with the meal. On the phone with D, I decided to skip the $36 Gigondas and go for the $23 cab franc Chinon (which the nice person at KLWM sold me at the case discount price :). It was very good, but not mind-boggling.


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