Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi; Zucchini with tomatoes and onions – 19 July 2011

I was planning to make my own fresh mozzarella today, and use it for a Pizza Margherita; However, I don’t have a cheese thermometer yet, so I decided to wait. I had bought provolone at the Cheese Board on Saturday(?) and therefore had the ingredients for this pizza, so I did that instead.

It’s a relatively simple pizza. I pre-cooked the crust 1 1/2 minutes as usual. Then: garlic oil, thin-sliced red onion; grated Fontina Valle d’Aosta, Provolone, and Parmaggiano Reggiano, and dots of top-quality Roquefort (recipe calls for sweet Gorgonzola, but I had Roq I needed to use). Top with tomato slices, and salt and pepper them. I bought tomatoes from Riverdog Farm at the Derby St Market today, and used two of those (you can see the large and small sizes). The recipe says to strew chopped marjoram over the top after cooking. I usually put most of the herbs in with the cheese, and this time did that, but I used oregano from the garden, as our faithful old marjoram plant is not in good shape. Need to work on that over the weekend. Anyway: most of the oregano in with the cheeses, a bit over the pizza at the end (but I forgot at first, so it is not in the photos).

Realizing that this pizza was a bit heavy on protein and fat, I decided a good veggie was in order. I quartered and then sliced two small zucchini that D bought for me the other day, and cooked them with a bit of red onion left over from the pizza, and the ends of the tomatoes (which I didn’t want to slice onto the pizza b/c they were mostly skin) chopped. I actually left a whole piece of pizza for lunch at work.

D chose a Trader Joe’s wine we’ve had many times before, and always enjoy: Chateau Mayne Guyon 2008, a Bordeaux that carries the name “Cotes du Blaye.” It cost us $6.99.

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