Pizza Politana with Donkey & Goat Wine at the opening of the new winery – 23 July 2011

Wow, this was one great dinner! We ate standing up at a higher-than-waist-high barrel, with no utensils, and had fantastic pizza and great wine.

We attended the grand opening celebration of Donkey & Goat’s new winery. The wine tasting was free, and then you could buy wines by the glass or by the bottle, and pizzas, cooked on the spot in a portable (!) wood-fired oven, by Pizza Politana. D & R and I were joined in this trek by our wonderful neighbor T, and the four of us split 3 pizzas and a bottle of wine. The pizza in the picture, along with D’s hands, is a Margherita. We also had a pepperoni one and one called “Market”, which had lots of ingredients. They were all terrific.

The wine preferred by three of the four of us was the 2010 Grenache Noir/El Dorado, so we got a bottle of that for dinner. I liked the “Four Thirteen” better and had a glass of that while we waited for the pizzas to be done. All in all, a great event. The mile-and-a-half walk home was also neat, through neighborhoods we didn’t know very well. Totally enjoyed this :)-

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