Spaghetti with tomato sauce and sausage; salad – 25 July 2011

We had bread to eat (remainder of an Acme Ciabatta), so I made a pasta.

There was some basil in the fridge that I had used for a batch of Margherita sauce and intended to use for the pizza, but 1) I didn’t make the pizza yet and 2) the basil started to wilt almost immediately, and was not happy. I decided to make that sauce that is essentially just oil, a can of tomatoes, salt, pepper, and basil, but then remembered one stray Aidell’s habanero and green chili sausage in the freezer, so I added that. The sausage was amazingly intricate when I split it in half! So, the sauce was some yellow onion cooked in olive oil, sliced sausage added and cooked a bit, 14 oz can of diced tomatoes added, salt and pepper, basil leaves – as many as I could recover from the unhappy bunch in the fridge. I served this over plain ol’ spaghetti – about 5 oz for D and me.

I wanted to add something to this, so served a salad made mostly with the rest of the garden lettuces D picked on the weekend, a few leaves obtained from the “crop swap” tonight in Berkeley, where we brought a ton of culled apples and gave them away, and the last tomato I bought from Riverdog Farm on Saturday at the farmers’ market.

The wine was a $9.95 Bordeaux called “Chateau du Pin” (2009) which we got from the Grape Expectations store called Vino. The wine was not excited about the habanero chilis, but after I finished my spaghetti, I found it tasted very good. We need to get another bottle of this and give it a reasonable chance – D first thought maybe to have it with steak, but we decided it doesn’t need anything that forceful. Maybe even that pasta from the other night that has just cheese, salt and pepper. It was left from lunch Sunday, so my thought “open it earlier” can’t be right…

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