Leftover skirt steak with cilantro sauce and couscous; haricots with onions – 3 August 2011

We had three chunks of skirt steak left over from Saturday night (the 30th), and couscous from one dinner and lunch today (both for the lamb kefta), and I put them together for dinner.

I reheated the beef by simply heating it in a bit of olive oil in a covered small frying pan, so as not really to cook it any more, just warm it up thoroughly. I added a bit of water to the combined couscous batches and microwaved (covered) for 2 minutes. I sliced the skirt steak against the grain and arranged it at the edge of the couscous, and poured all the leftover cilantro sauce over it. Bags of haricots were on sale at the Bowl – taking into account the fact that “on sale” for these beans is $1.89/lb – so I  bought a bag of them. That’s a lot, so expect to see not only a lot of servings, but large ones, in the next few days 😉 I chopped a bit over 1/4 of a large yellow onion, and sauteed it in butter till slightly browned (this was unintentional – I ignored it too long), then boiled the trimmed beans in salted water for 3 minutes. I put the well-drained beans in with the onions and heated through before serving.

I made a new bread today, too (well, ok – finished a new bread, of necessity started yesterday) which was, as usual, beautiful 🙂 I used 1/6 whole wheat flour, 5/6 Central Milling flour from Costco, and then tossed in what must have been well over 1/2 cup of Grape Nuts fines. It’s dark-looking and very tasty, but quite small. Nicely rounded.

D chose a wine that was recommended at Costco, but which didn’t impress us the first go-around: Tractor Shed Red. I thought it really went well with this meal. “Nothing to write home about” as D says, but perfectly good, and able to stand up to grilled beef and cilantro, no mean feat. Congrads, Tractor Shed.

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