Homemade pappardelle with pancetta and radicchio; zucchini-bell pepper tapas – 5 August 2011

I found this pasta recipe in the course of a completely different search at Saveur.com, and printed it out for consideration later. Which was not much later, it turns out.

I used Paul Bertolli’s recipe for pasta: 1 cup flour, and 1 egg, and this time I managed it without reverting to adding any water, too. I rolled the pasta to thickness “5”, and then cut it with a knife to widths of 1cm to 1/2in. It was very short; I’m not sure why.

In fact, it would not have hurt to drop it into the boiling water by cutting the noodles along the ridge of the dowel where they were hanging, b/c of course they grew and were quite long to eat. I cooked them about 5 minutes – possibly a bit more, given the timer resetting and such –  in boiling, salted water. The topping I cooked according to the recipe except for amounts. I used 3 rounds + a scrap of Fra’ Mani pancetta, cut normal-bacon-thick (10 rounds = .28 lb), about 1/2 of a 4″ (or so) head of radicchio, and somewhat under half a good-sized onion. The grated parmaggiano on top was an excellent component.

The zucchini tapa calls for a green pepper, but I had a humongous yellow one that I knew was too much for the recipe that is its destiny (a pizza with feta, possibly Tuesday) so I used half of it in this recipe. I also used the end of a large (not body-snatcher large, just maybe 2″ in diameter) zucchini, and 2 Romas I had left over from a discount bag I bought at the Bowl last week. 5 cloves of garlic – I was running late so I took out the little Cuisinart and zapped them – and much more parsley (from the garden) than the 1 Tbsp the recipe calls for. I added 1/4 tsp salt, having no guidance in the recipe for how much, and it was fine. After the tomatoes and parsley are added, the recipe calls for cooking 30 minutes. I took the photo  in the pan at more like 10 minutes, and I think we really should try it this way. Seems fine as a stew, but the more identifiable, fresher veggies would be nice, too.

D chose our “house-weekend-wine” Cantina Zaccagnini, a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which was, as usual, delicious 🙂



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