Porcini in scamorze; haricots with cippolini – 7 August 2011

I found porcini at the Bowl on Friday and called D to see if he would like them for his Sunday dinner. He said yes, so I bought them, and also cream, so he could make this dish. He pointed out that we would as usual have leftover cream, so I should buy extra mushrooms and we could have it twice. So this will appear again soon, unless we have it for lunch instead.

The basic recipe is a takeoff from one in Mexico the Beautiful. Per person, you mix one egg and 1/4 cup cream (though D usually reduces that to one egg between the two of us, with the 1/2 cup cream), salt and pepper. That’s the custard. The cheese is scamorze – smoked mozzarella, and he uses about 2 oz per person, usually just in little chunks. The mushrooms and cleaned and cut into chunks, then cooked in butter (and rosemary this time!) with garlic, salt and pepper. To arrange: cheese on the bottom, then mushrooms, and the custard mix poured over the top. These are cooked at 350 for about 40-50 minutes, with the casuelitas immersed in a tray of water. The hardest part is to remember to have the water boiling when you’re ready to start the baking time. I finally wrote it into the recipe up with “preheat the oven”. This is D’s excellent take on a dish I had in Firenze and was never able to replicate myself.

D boiled the haricots, and then reheated them with cippolini, which unfortunately got away from him a bit and were overocooked. They still tasted pretty good, though. The beans were excellent.

D found this Argentinian wine which must have been a gift from our friend H. We enjoyed it with the meal. It’s from the strangely (cross-culturally) named “Bodega Norton”, and is a Malbec from Mendoza.

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