Quick and easy dinner before the LBNL presentation in Emeryville – 8 August 2011

We had to attend another presentation regarding proposed developments for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s “second campus”, which were being advocated this evening for Berkeley, Emeryville, or a combination of the two.

We wanted to arrive early, so had to leave at 6:40 which is 20 minutes before we usually start dinner, not finish it. So we had a quick and easy meal of bread, cheese, and veggies. The bread was the one I made on the 6th, kneaded and then cooked in our Dutch oven as we cook no-knead bread. You can see the much finer texture, which has its prettiness, but in our opinion is not nearly as good as the no-knead (see the 6th for comments on why). The cheese was one D found at the Bowl, which has espresso pressed into the outside, and is very good. I don’t remember what kind of cheese it was, unfortunately. … But oh yay! I kept the label! It’s called Espresso Bellavitano. Interestingly, the label suggests the cheese for “breakfast or dessert.” Oh well, it was great for dinner – I hope it was not offended 😉

So obviously we had carrots, cucumbers, and olives. Those look like either Gaeta or Nicoise. OK, a closeup view shows they are not pitted, so I’m confident they are Gaeta from the Bowl. Didn’t even get any wine with dinner b/c of the meeting we were off to. Oh well… we learned a lot at the meeting, anyway.

This is the first of almost a month of posts that I wrote up almost in their entirety in Word, and then am transferring very late to the blog (it’s 5 Sept as I write this). Except this one I just wrote everything after “So we had”! My personal computer was in the shop b/c of its tendency to shut off spontaneously, and I was writing, initially, to my teeny ASUS computer, which is great to carry but hard to type on, and then to my office laptop, which for awhile I didn’t bother to tell our wireless access code at home. So now it’s catch-up time!

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