Cheeses and cold asparagus for dinner at an unspecified time – 11 August 2011

I thought D&R would be home for dinner, but without a pre-known time, so I went out and bought baguettes and cheeses at the Cheese Board, and some asparagus, which I cooked and chilled, and for which I made some aioli. Also had some picholine olives. Everything set no matter how late they arrived!

But the guys ended up grabbing a bite at the show (where they were finishing setup) and R went straight home instead of coming for dinner. So I had dinner alone, and then D had a small bit of bread and cheese after he arrived, but he didn’t want much. Lots of leftovers to finish over the coming days!

The official dinner picture doesn’t include the cheeses, which have their own plates, or the baguettes, which just get grabbed and pulled apart, so here they are:

Cheese crib sheet

I had leftover wine with this, there being only one of me. Finishing up this post on 5 Sept (see 8 Aug explanation) I think it’s likely this was the Chateau Mayne Guyon, but it could also have been the Norton Malbec from Sunday.

from Fromager d’Affinois – a delicious little brie

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