Personal whatever’s-there pizza; sautéed porcini with rosemary – 14 August 2011

There is much too much food around. I decided to make a pizza to use up some of the feta, but later noticed that there were also two small porcini that I had intended to use for lunch, until I had unintended leftovers from when the guys didn’t make it for dinner.

So I sautéed up the porcini in butter with rosemary leaves, to have alongside a personal pizza. I made up a batch of dough, and divided it roughly into fifths, freezing 4 of the pieces for later use. I pre-cooked my little pizza for 1 ½ minutes at 500 degrees, then topped it with thin-sliced red onion, mozzarella and oregano leaves from the garden, one fresh tomato, sliced (from Riverdog Farm), the rest of the mozz (total: 2 oz), and dabs of French feta that I got at the Cheese Board for a dinner two weeks ago. Cooked this 6 more minutes.

I had some Monte Antico for lunch, and, after pouring off a bit, had the rest for dinner. Good.

{Written near the 14th, edited microscopically upon posting 9 Sept.}

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