Made-up-on-the-spot pasta; salad with avocado – 15 August 2011

D took over cooking after his show ended yesterday, and he is great at dealing with an overloaded fridge and making good food come out of it.

He was going to do his signature pasta of mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley (with Romano). However, he didn’t realize I had used up the pine nuts (3 years overdue, a Costco bag) when I made the version with porcini on the 10th, and I had totally forgotten to replenish our supply. He already had the mushrooms cooking, however, and had to punt. I had bought another bag of haricots at the Bowl – this time $1.39/lb, which is a steal for these beans – and he pulled those out, and also the last little bit of Saag’s Black Forest Ham, and cooked those up with the mushrooms. It was very tasty. He also made a nice salad using the other half of the avocado I used in my avocado/tomato salad last night, plus some more of the arugula and romaine. I made an all-white, Central Milling Company Flour bread yesterday, but started at about 5pm so doubled the yeast. It turned out very nicely, though it was quite black on the outside by the time I removed the cover of the Dutch oven after 40 minutes. All in all a good dinner.

And a really good wine! This Cal2008 Star Za-Za-Zin was excellent with the meal. It’s 15.1% alcohol, which means the two of us can’t easily split it on the weekend, so it comes into weekday territory, despite being a weekend price ($15).

{Written near the 15th, with minor edits upon posting 9 Sept}

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