Spaghetti with mushrooms, pine nuts, parsley, and Romano; salad with fresh tomatoes – 17 August 2011

D finally got to make the pasta he was on the way to making two days ago, when he discovered we didn’t have any pine nuts (the Costco bag in the bottom drawer of the fridge having finally run out after 3 or 4 years…).

He sautees sliced mushrooms (just plain white ones this time – what I had left over when he started cooking)  in olive oil and adds pine nuts to toast them, and parsley. He tosses this with cooked spaghetti, and then shaves Pecorino Romano with a potato peeler, and we strew it over the top. It’s delicious! He also made a nice salad, with romaine, some of the leftover arugula from when I was cooking, and a few dry farmed Early Girl tomatoes I got yesterday at the Derby St. farmers’ market from Dirty Girl Farm. As far as I’m concerned, the arrival of Dirty Girl tomatoes is the start of summer – which makes it kind of a drag when that is three days before my fall semester starts 😉 It was such a cold, unusually wet (or more: wet unusually late) summer that it is not surprising the tomatoes are late.

D chose a $6.99 Trader Joe’s Bordeaux for this meal, and it was good, though nothing to write home about. It’s “Les Caves Joseph” 2009.

{Written about the 17th, posted the 9th with tiny edits}

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