Spaghetti with white mushrooms, favas, and hard sausage; salad with arugula and a gift of cherry tomatoes – 19 August 2011

I asked D to make something where the multicolored cherry tomatoes from my friend J’s parents’ garden would stand out. He was considering cooking them (very lightly ) in a pasta, but decided on a salad instead. They were wonderful! The pasta was really good, too 🙂

D cooked some white mushrooms he got today at the Bowl in a “special” bag ($1.39/lb), some hard Columbus sausage (secce?) I bought last week, thinking the guys might like to take it for snacks or meals at their show, and some favas he bought today at the Bowl. I asked if there were anything I could do to help, and he gave me the bowl of favas so I could remove the mammoth pods. The beans were humongous, but they were tender and absolutely fine when cooked.

Favas in a 9″ wide bowl by Mary Grabill

He also added garlic, plus parsley and oregano from the garden to this pasta. The salad had romaine, arugula from the batch I got at the Produce Center last week, and J’s tomatoes, with a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. [Adding in final edit: clearly I left out the haricots; they look as though they were steamed or boiled lightly, and then cooked a bit with onions in butter.] A wonderful meal 🙂 D thinks he will try the pasta again but mash up some of the favas, and perhaps also add back some of the pasta cooking water to make the whole thing tie together a bit better.

He chose Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for this Friday dinner, and it was its usual wonderful self.

I’m editing and posting this on the 10th of September. It looks to me as though we had a new loaf of no-knead bread that night. Could not decide between two wine photos when Photoshopping them, and can’t decide now, so I’ll put up both – the second shows the bread nicely.

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