Mystery Curcurbita; fresh tomato sauce; sausage; fresh tomatoes – 21 Sept 2011

Our friend J (one of our friends J…) gave us a couple of alleged spaghetti squash last week, but when discussing it, J realized that, since it was a volunteer in his garden, it might actually be an unintended hybrid. It was indeed.

I split the squash before D got home and it didn’t look like a spaghetti squash to me – more like a large, pale, elongated acorn squash. The spaghetti squashes the previous year were apparently growing near a zucchini plant, and the two little ends of this year’s squashes were zucchini-colored for a diameter of maybe an inch – so perhaps they were spaghetti-zucchini hybrids.

D decided to cook a squash and see what happened. He removed the seeds, buttered the cut and hollowed surfaces and salted and peppered them, then placed the squash halves cut side down over several sage leaves, which then got butter dripped onto them during the cooking

{After this, plus the hybrid speculation, written 15 October from memory and the photos}

D cooked them between 30 and 45minutes, and topped them with the butter-soaked sage. They were quite delicious! – more delicate in flavor than a typical orange squash, which is consistent with the zucchini-hybrid idea. D served a very nice fresh tomato sauce alongside the squash [my notes ask if the sauce we newly made, but I expect not] and the combination was quite good. Clearly have some fresh tomatoes alongside, no doubt from Dirty Girl Farm at the Tuesday farmers’ market. The sausage was probably a slice of Niman Ranch (Columbus) soppressatta that R got for us at Grocery Outlet – which I would know if I were filling this in in forward rather than backwards order! Anyway, I do remember this was a particularly delicious dinner.

Ah, the photo tells me D opened a bottle of Epicuro Salice Salentino, which we have gotten before and always liked from Trader Joe’s. It’s incredibly cheap – I think less than $5.


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