Snacks before, and during, the LBNL Citizens’ Advisory Group meeting – 22 September 2011

D and I attended the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s Citizens’ Advisory Group meeting, which started at 6pm. D planned a snack before the meeting and another snack, this with wine, afterwards.

He made an outstanding gazpacho earlier in the day, which was ready to serve, and he also bought an excellent cheese called “Saint Andre”, which has a brie-like texture, but not the tang. It is more a lovely, creamy, mild cheese. He bought an Acme baguette (rustic?) to have with these.

When we got to the meeting, we found they had food available, which was quite good. We shared a plate, so this is not all mine (one little round sandwich is D’s and the chicken wing bone). I had a beet salad, which seemed to be canned, pickled beets, a mild feta, and hazelnuts, with herbs. Tasty, not earthshaking. The chicken drumettes were fried, I think breaded, and entirely delicious. The little round sandwiches were good buns with meatloaf and a thin bit of lettuce. I really enjoyed them, too. Then there was the wrap. I had to force myself not to take seconds. It had chicken in it, but I don’t know what else.

{Written the 22nd; final edits 15 October}  I believe we had a bit more bread and cheese (and a glass of leftover wine?) after we returned home, though we really didn’t need it after these two very nice little dinners!

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