Two pizzas to use up stuff in the fridge – 25 September 2011

I used up two and a half balls of Gustosella buffalo mozzarella on Friday, and had a half-ball leftover. D suggested making a margherita, but didn’t realize how little cheese was left (I would ordinarily use 1 ½  or 2 balls for one regular pizza). I realized later I could make two smaller pizzas, using up the Gustosella on one of them, especially since I had a half-container of my margherita sauce (about ¼ cup) and absolutely beautiful basil in the garden.

D thought that would be great, and suggested his leftover fresh-tomato spaghetti sauce as a base. However, I had that small batch of frozen margherita sauce, and I needed to make 2 pizzas, so the spaghetti sauce was recruited for the second pizza. I cut up about ¾” of the end of a Niman Ranch (Columbus) soppressata into ¼”x 1/8” or so teeny chunks and mixed it into the spaghetti sauce. I defrosted a packet of part-skim mozzarella (Precious, from Costco) that was labeled “<4oz” and also skooshed a medium clove of garlic on my garlic-skooshing dish, and slopped some olive oil onto it. I mixed that with my pizza (pastry) brush and brushed the garlic oil onto the 1.5 min baked pizza crust, then topped with the sauce/soppressata, and the grated cheese, and cooked another 6 minutes.

After the pre-cooking of the crust, the Margherita got the leftover bit of garlic oil (unintended, but what the heck), then the 1/4 cup of Margherita sauce, a pile of fresh basil leaves, torn, and the ½ ball of buffalo mozz sliced into 6 pieces. This I cooked 4 minutes, and then I tossed on more basil and cooked another minute. Both pizzas were good, though the taste of the spaghetti sauce one surprised me – perhaps more complex, and less soppressatish, than I expected.

We had a new wine with this that D bought at the Bowl the other day – a Primitivo called “Terre” from Puglia. It liked the pizzas quite a bit, though it was not as happy this afternoon with lunch (refried roasted squash and smelly cheese!)

{Written on/near the date; finalized 15 October}

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