Smoked pork loin; rice; artichoke – 29 September 2011

D is doing a great job of using up the bounty of leftovers from M&N.

He cooked slices of smoked pork loin from the Bowl (delicious, and less that $6/lb) in butter or oil (it’s the 1st and he doesn’t remember now) and deglazed the pan with wine. He also had cooked up some fresh cranberry beans today in stock, and added them to the pan to cook. He cooked some basmati rice with a bit of added soy sauce for flavor. He steamed an artichoke for 30 minutes, but it was not cooked well enough, so he either boiled or steamed it a bit more. He put the pork-cooking cast-iron pan on the table and melted a bit of butter in it, and we used that to dip/smear our artichoke leaves in, once they were finally cooked. I think this was still some of D’s most recent no-knead bread along with the meal. We also each had two tiny tomatoes, probably the last from our Stupice plant from our friend J. They had an excellent tomato taste!

He chose a bottle of Valreas that I got earlier in the week at Trader Joe’s, and it was great, as usual. What a bargain for $5.99!

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