Pasta with cranberry beans and hard sausage; green beans with mushrooms – 30 September 2011

D keeps finding fresh shell beans at the Bowl, and keeps buying them b/c they’re terrific.

He bought these cranberry beans before M&N arrived with tons of leftovers, but these kept nicely in the fridge for a few days. When he noticed a bit of fuzz on an outside pod, D shelled the beans and boiled them (maybe20-25 minutes) in stock from the freezer (I think it was veggie stock this time). Tonight he recooked them briefly with some hard sausage (from M&N) and a bit of wine that he had deemed not good enough to drink at some point in the past. This made a very good pasta sauce, though he allowed as how mashing up some of the beans might have tied it together better. Unnecessary, though, IMO. D also found some new green beans – haricots having got to $3.59/lb – these are a Kentucky hybrid, and were very delicious. He boiled the beans, then cooked sliced brown mushrooms in butter, and tossed in the beans at the end. They were scrumptious!

D brought up another bottle of Villa Antinori Toscana (2006) which we got at Costco for $14. It’s an excellent wine.


D started a bread when M&N arrived with sourdough starter, but we realized we should refrigerate it and cook later b/c we had the rest of a previous loaf, and also M&N’s Acme loaf already. That was Tuesday. He took it out of the fridge – I think last night – and baked it today (Friday), and it was oddly flat, and rather wet, but with a good sourdough taste. We think it was not happy in the fridge, though with regular bread we’ve had good luck with long refrigeration.

{Written 1 Oct}


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