Shared Caprese pizza and quick salad – 9 October 2011


D & R had their work at a gallery opening, and I did not expect one or both of them for dinner, so I planned on a personal pizza – a Caprese, for which I bought mozzarella di bufala (Gustosella, from the Cheese Board), and defrosted a mini-do (1/5 of a Chez Panisse dough recipe). However, I worked on my Monday lecture so late (and then took a shower) that D actually arrived home while the pizza was cooking after 9pm. He and R had found only Arby’s and other fast food places, and had given up on finding dinner. I allowed as how there was indeed a pizza in the making, and that D could share it if he liked, and he offered that if he made a salad, it would work out fine. So he did.

The pizza had one half of a canned anchovy fillet (all that was left in the can, which fortunately was exactly enough), cut up into small pieces and laid on the pre-cooked (1 1/2 mins) crust, one medium tomato, sliced, quite a bit of torn basil, and one half a mozzarella ball (ball is about 1/4 lb). I cooked this 5 mins, tossed on more fresh basil, and cooked one more minute. D’s salad had the Tomatero Farm dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, romaine, vinegar (balsamic, I think it was) and olive oil, salt and pepper – delicious!

D basically chose me this wine at lunch, when he got it out and served some. It was fine, but we still don’t think it was anything to write home about.

{Written the 13th}

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