Quick dinner after getting home at 7 – 19 October 2011

Actually, I knew I’d be late getting home tonight, so I planned on pulling some pesto cubes out of the freezer for pasta, and having a couple of slices of sausage and some tomatoes.

Well, the tomatoes I had separated out yesterday (Tuesday) for tonight, while making the Greek salad out of most of the rest of them. The pesto cubes I had a hard time finding – seems we had only two, rather old ones in the freezer, along with an interesting red sauce R gave us a couple of cubes of (we had one left). The Niman Ranch sausage neither of us could find, so I pulled out one slice of some really tasty ham D had found when buying for a recent show (for sandwiches every day)(and bought again recently) and we split a slice of that. I also took out picholine olives for a pleasant little add-on.

I cooked spaghetti, and defrosted the cubes, then tossed the drained pasta in the two pesto cubes. I drizzled the red pepper sauce over the pesto-tossed spaghetti. It was a subtle taste and not easy to detect over the basil, but it was an interesting idea and worth repeating with more red sauce.

I spoke to D over the phone before he left work and he knew I’d had the Day From Hell, so he bought a nice bottle of wine – Podere del Giuggiolo – from the Bowl on the way home, and we had that. Also more of his nice no-knead bread loaf from Monday. Good dinner 🙂

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