Italian Sausages with Grapes; Brussels Sprouts – 20 October 2011

I planned to have this dinner Tuesday b/c I expected to be home late. Well, I was so late I couldn’t even go shopping for the sausages and grapes, so I had to put it off. Tonight I got out of work by 6pm, so I could make it to the Bowl and still have dinner on the table by 8.

The sausages-and-grapes recipe is from Epicurious/Gourmet Oct 2005. I got sweet Italian sausages at the Bowl (their own) and a bag of  “crimson grapes”. I had some tiny Brussels sprouts already. I trimmed them and boiled in slightly salted water for 5 minutes, then left them for a couple minutes while I tasted one and found it done just enough. I drained the sprouts and cut the larger ones (though they were all tiny) in half, then reheated in butter till they got very slightly browned, adding salt and fresh-ground black pepper at the start of the (re-)cooking. The sausages were browned in 2 tsp olive oil (this is 1/3 recipe) for something like 5-6 minutes on a side, on moderate heat (varied: probably mostly medium). I added 2/3 lb washed, drained, and toweled grapes, and cooked another 12 minutes or perhaps more (had the heat pretty low at one point). When these were done, I added 4 tsp of balsamic vinegar – could have used less (I always think this at the end of dinner) and cooked down more, but it was fine. I decided that the sprouts, though they might go well with the sausages, did not necessarily want to be bathed in the vinegar mix, so I put them in additional bowls instead of serving on the plate. We had tiny bits of the end of the bread, with which I soaked up as much of the balsamic vinegar mix as I could.

I asked D to bring up a Protocolo b/c I was pretty sure it had worked well previously. It was very good with the meal, and of course, very good 🙂

{Written the 20th, finalized and posted the 21st}

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