Pizza with radicchio, endive, walnuts, and Roquefort – 21 October 2011

We were running out of bread, and I decided, rather than make a new loaf for Friday, to have a pizza Friday night.

I knew I could leave work a bit early to have time to make the crust, and also (after the crust was rising) to get to the Cheese Board. I decided to try the pizza I made on 21 January, which I made up from a most excellent pasta recipe in Weber’s Art of the Grill. I just followed the cooking instructions I wrote back in January, with the exceptions below the pizza:

I had only 3 oz and 3.5 oz packets of mozzarella, so I chose the biggest one. I didn’t cook the pizza quite as long, but I did turn it partway through, as mentioned in January. The crust was really great (for a non-wood-oven pizza, anyway!).

Amusingly, we had the same wine with this pizza as we did in January – Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. At this point it’s not surprising we would have that, b/c we have a bunch of it in the basement, its a good price, and it’s only 13% alcohol, so we can sit and leisurely drink the whole bottle and not suffer for it later. Good wine, also kinda cute 🙂

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