Lamb with lemon and thyme, grilled; Brussels sprouts; pilaf – 22 October 2011

I had to cook something quick b/c D&R were the featured artists at The Gardener today, and I wanted to go there too, which would not leave a lot of time for cooking afterwards.

I took D there at 1, and came home to pre-prep dinner. I defrosted 2 packs of lamb, with six chunks each, from our Costco boneless leg of lamb, and marinated them, refrigerated, in fresh lemon juice and thyme. I trimmed and washed a batch of small Brussels sprouts and left them on a towel to dry.

When it was time to make dinner, I first started the pilaf: put 2 1/2 cups of water into the microwave and cooked on high for 5 minutes; meanwhile warmed 4 Tbsp or so unsalted butter in a frying pan and cooked basmati rice in it for a few minutes, then added the heated water, which boiled almost right away; added 2 chicken boullion cubes, let them soak a few seconds to soften, and then crushed them and mixed them in; turned the boiling liquid to a nice simmer and covered, cooked till done – perhaps 15 minutes.

I boiled the sprouts for 5 minutes and drained them, then cut in half lengthwise and cooked in about 1 Tbsp unsalted (b/c that’s what was out) butter, salted and peppered, over fairly high heat so they got crispy edges on them. I skewered the lamb and salted generously on both sides, peppered on one, and grilled over high heat, covered, for 5 minutes on the first side and 3 on the second. This was a bit too long, we discovered, though the lamb was still very good.

D brought up a remarkable wine from Clos Saron, and announced that it was “Christmas”. Good idea. The wine was really exquisite, and went beautifully with the meal.

Yesterday at Cheese Board I bought a berry pie, and we had a bit less then half last night and the rest tonight. D brought me some while I was looking at stuff on the net. Here it is sitting on the arm of my chair. Delicous!

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