Pizza with roasted red peppers, potatoes, and tapenade – 28 October 2011

I had a couple of red peppers that I bought at the Bowl b/c they were beautiful and cheap (99 cents/lb) and was thinking of making an eggplant/feta pizza with them. But then I remembered this pizza that I made twice in 2010, and really loved both times.

I went to Cheese Board directly after work to get some Fontina Val d’Aosta (and some¬†mozzarella di bufala for another meal), and D kindly agreed to pick up the Gaeta olives at the Bowl after work. He also then sweetly made the tapenade for me, which speeded up dinner by about half an hour, for sure. This is a recipe from epicurious, which I’ve made twice before (in 2010 – see link above and search on tapenade) so I won’t write it out except to say that one small red pepper is not really enough, put on the tapenade in 1/4 tsp (not heaping 1/4 tsp) doses so there are more of them, closer together, and yes, do salt the pizza when adding rosemary and red pepper flakes at the end. I decided we had salt on the table and could add it there, and that worked fine, really, since these spices are added after cooking in any case.

I was interested to see what wine D would choose for this pizza based on the ingredients. He brought up an Eric Stauffenegger Brouilly that cost us only $13 at a wine tasting last year, and was really good. It was on the light side for this meal but worked pretty well for it (and was gloriously unfiltered). D had chosen a Stauffenegger Cairanne the last time I did this pizza, but he reports there are none left in the cellar. Oh dear…

{Written the 28th, posted and pictures added the 31st}

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