Linguine with cranberry beans and arugula; grilled prosciutto-wrapped radicchio; fresh tomatoes – 30 October 2011

D cooked the cranberry beans I bought last week, in stock with rosemary and garlic. I used some of them last night on the speck, and the rest tonight on the pasta.

The beans were sitting in a bit of cooking liquid in the fridge. I took out a few tablespoonsful of beans and cooked the rest till the liquid was reduced. I reduced it more than I should have – it was fine while hot but pretty thick when it cooled. I should have cooked it less time, or saved some pasta water t0 thin it back with. But it was pretty good, anyway. I mashed the beans that I had left in the liquid, and tossed with the cooked linguine (Garafolo from Costco). Once this was well mixed, I added the unmashed beans I removed earlier, and also a couple of cups of baby (very baby!) arugula I got at the Bowl on Saturday. I thought this was too much for the 6oz of linguine I had cooked. I was following a recipe from The Pasta Bible, rather loosely since I didn’t measure the pasta or beans, but I did use the amount of arugula they allow for 2 people. Anyway: I shaved (with a potato peeler) some Pecorino Romano to toss over the top. D decided the pasta wanted pepper, and he was so right! I had not paid attention to the recipe there…

I also used up the rest of the tiny head of radicchio I bought last week. There was just under 1/2 of the head left. I cut it into 2 wedges and removed the core, then wrapped each wedge in one slice of the smoked prosciutto (speck) I bought for yesterday’s dinner. I grilled these on medium, covered, for about 5 minutes on the first side, and 2-3 on the second and third sides, then served over “spring mix” baby lettuces tossed in a mixture of olive oil and red wine vinegar with salt and pepper. The combination of the radicchio/prosciutto with the lettuce was really nice. We had two more surviving dry-farmed early girl tomatoes from last week’s Tuesday market and decided they should be eaten, so I cut them up and served alongside the radicchio/salad. I took a picture of the pretty salads on the kneading counter before heading up to the sun room.

D chose a bottle of our wonderful house wine, formerly “Cotes du Ventoux,” now simply labeled “Ventoux”, from Chateau Saint-Sauveur. Wonderful wine 🙂 This is a 2009.

We had dinner in the sun room, which is great except if you need enough light for photographs 😉


{Written the 30th, edited and pictures added the 31st}

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