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Noodles with hamburger sauce and cottage cheese at Mom’s – 21 November 2011

Got to Mom’s in time for a good dinner, a casserole with noodles, cottage cheese, and a hamburger sauce over the top. We also had the ubiquitous Safeway cole slaw, some tomato slices, mixed frozen vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn, … Continue reading

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Early dinner at ‘ino – 20 November 2011

Realizing that the best meal we had had on this trip was our first breakfast at ‘ino, we came back for panini, and added a salad into the mix. (And we came back for breakfast the next day – writing … Continue reading

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Two pizzas at Motorino – 19 November 2011

What do you do when you can’t decide which pizza to have? Have them both! But I thought D meant to eat most of them, and then take some pieces back to the hotel. Nope. They were really good, and … Continue reading

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Dinner at buvette – 18 November 2011

This was a restaurant D discovered in the New York Magazine online site, where my friend A’s 2010 references to her favorite restaurants all led. We had to wait only about a half hour, though the restaurant was full and … Continue reading

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Airplane dinner, but not airplane food – 17 November 2011

D put together a wonderful dinner for our flight. We had an Acme Long Italian loaf last night, and the remainder was left for this dinner. D bought more of that cheese that has espresso pressed into the surface – … Continue reading

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Toulouse sausages; mashed root vegetables; garbanzos with mixed greens; fresh tomatoes – 8 November 2011

D came home after 7 and cooked a nice, and different, dinner, using things form the freezer and others fresh from the farmers’ market today. He defrosted the last two Toulouse sausages that we made with R and our friends … Continue reading

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Chili; canned green beans – 7 November 2011

D was cold at work today and came home wanting a hearty, warm dinner. He decided to make chili. He cooked the remaining more-than-half of a yellow onion from the fridge and some large garlic chunks in olive oil, then … Continue reading

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Pizza with pesto, potatoes, and prosciutto – 6 November 2011

D quailed at the idea of cooking tonight, following Jean-Pierre Moulle. “Can’t cook :(” he said. Since we were to run out of bread with lunch, I volunteered to make a pizza, which has no pretensions whatsoever to Chez Panisse … Continue reading

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Dinner at Chez Panisse – 5 November 2011

R turned forty on the 5th, and, true to tradition, we celebrated by taking him and E to Chez Panisse. This was truly an exceptional dinner. I’m starting with the official “dinner shot”, though it was the third course. It … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula and pine nuts; salad; red pear – 4 November 2011

D got home well after 7 with no idea what he was going to cook. I stepped into the shower, and by the time I got out, dinner was almost done. He sauteed sliced brown mushrooms, then added pinenuts, arugula, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with mushrooms, pinenuts, parsley, and pecorino Romano – 3 November 2011

D made an excellent rendition of his signature pasta – sliced mushrooms cooked in olive oil, pine nuts added to toast them, and parsley tossed in, and possibly also added fresh after cooking. All this is tossed with the cooked … Continue reading

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