Spaghetti with mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula and pine nuts; salad; red pear – 4 November 2011

D got home well after 7 with no idea what he was going to cook. I stepped into the shower, and by the time I got out, dinner was almost done.

He sauteed sliced brown mushrooms, then added pinenuts, arugula, fresh Greek oregano and prosciutto, and tossed this, plus some extra olive oil, with the cooked spaghetti (Garofolo form Costco). For the salad, he used more of the arugula I had bought last week, the rest of the baby lettuces, some of the romaine that he bought, and dry-farmed early girl tomatoes from Dirty Girl Farm, which he bought at the Tuesday farmers’ market in Berkeley. For the dressing, he used the little bit of olive oil/red wine vinegar I had left after tossing the lettuces in it to go under my grilled radicchio on the 30th, and added some balsamic vinegar. It was an excellent salad! D chose a 2007 Vacqueyras that we got from the Bowl. It was really excellent – rich and delicious.

For dessert later, D cut up a red pear that has been ripening on the kitchen island. It was most excellent!

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