Airplane dinner, but not airplane food – 17 November 2011

D put together a wonderful dinner for our flight.

We had an Acme Long Italian loaf last night, and the remainder was left for this dinner. D bought more of that cheese that has espresso pressed into the surface – Espresso Bellavitano – and it was really excellent. I had gotten a teeny little goat cheese at Cheese Board last week  called “Bijou”, by the Vermont people who make Cremont, and it was terrific, too. (I bought the Bijou without tasting it, and mostly b/c I needed to buy more stuff to get a total high enough to use my credit card – but I knew it would be good.) We had a chunk of hard sausage that was very pleasantly moist, some olives, a radish, and some carrot pieces. Then for dessert, we split one apple from our tree, and one Bartlett pear. Delicious meal!

We lucked out on the wine, too. I went back to the flight attendants’ lair in the back of the plane to ask if I could buy two of their little bottles of red wine – likely ¼ bottle for $9 each – and the flight attendant instead went to the business section, poured out two glasses of Cannon Road Pinot Noir and brought them to my seat –no charge! The flight attendants were seriously annoyed (b/c inconvenienced) by the fact that the stockers had not filled their food and beverage carts correctly. They ended up running out of a lot of stuff, including wine. So we got a freebie from the rich people, and a good wine. Nice touch 🙂

{Written about the 17th; posted and image added 22 Dec(!)}

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