Thai dinner at Rice – 1 December 2011

After an opening party at Fibre Arts Design, we had a very nice dinner at Rice, a Thai restaurant in Palo Alto recommended by our friends M&N.

The official dinner shot has two of the appetizers. Two pieces of “Blanket Shrimp” ($7.95 for 6) “Deep-fried shrimp & ground pork in egg roll skin served with sweet and sour sauce.” We also had some little wonton packets. There is a menu item describing “Crispy Parcel” ( 8 )  6.95 Wonton wrappers stuffed with cream cheese , cilantro deep-fried served with plum sauce.” However, writing this on {gasp} the 22nd with only the photo and the online menu as guides, I can see there are only 4 packets, and cream cheese doesn’t sound right. I am thinking it may have been a special?

D wanted “Larb  ($8.50) Ground chicken with onion, mint, cilantro in a special lime dressing with rice powder” and that was quite delicious. I always want a curry, and this one: “Pumpkin Curry (with chicken, $8.95)  With bell pepper carrot basil” was pretty much everyone’s favorite of the evening. As at other Thai restaurants, this was apparently made not with a pumpkin but with kabocha squash, which is a most excellent-tasting and -textured winter squash.

As we discovered at Anchalee in Berkeley, the “brown rice” is a fascinating mix of rices, and is entirely worth ordering. I ordered a glass of I think the house Chardonnay, and it went really well with the meal. The drinks menu does not seem to be online so I can’t look it up, unfortunately.

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