Gumbo and Piano Music at Two Mile’s Repeal Day party – 5 December 2011

I got an e from Two Mile Wines inviting us to celebrate Repeal Day – the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Couldn’t miss that, now, could we?

But oops, I managed, as is usual in unusual dinner situations, to forget to take a standard dinner shot – or almost. So, this is the very end of a tasty gumbo served over white rice, in a compostable container with compostable plasticware.  There were appetizers of cheeses, crackers, and a very nice pate, and I did remember to shoot those.

By the time of the gumbo, I was too caught up in the music of the John Brothers, who play music that ought to accompany silent films. We had some Two Mile syrah, and also R&I had some sangioveses (we both liked the cheaper one better). The syrah, per the correct recommendation of the Two Mile person, was the best choice with the gumbo. D&I drove home, leaving R to enjoy the music as long as he wanted, he being, after all, only about 10 minutes walk from home. Altogether a very enjoyable evening.

{Written the 5th or shortly after, edited, posted and photos added the 21st}

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