Eggs baked in tomato sauce, with milk-soaked croutons – 6 December 2011

Wow, this was excellent, and really interesting. Another new recipe from our newest cookbooks from ‘ino in New York.

D resurrected the remaining croutons from the 4th, which had been in an airtight (more or less) container with a snap-on lid. He reheated these in the oven. He made a very thick tomato sauce, and poured that over the croutons, and (apparently when I didn’t see) cracked an egg into each of the personal casuelitas, and then covered with cheese. A trip to the broiler was called for, but my eggwhite didn’t cook at all this way. We were discussing how to fix this, and think that maybe baking for awhile, then topping with cheese and broiling would do the trick. Have to dig up a “baked eggs” recipe to punt from. It’s clear there is arugula on top, too, which I did not mention originally. {Written the 6th or 7th, updated and posted the 21st}

D also used up the very last bit of the croutons in a play on the first crouton-thing he did, on the 4th. The recipe calls for escarole, and he used endive (a form of the same species) the first time. Tonight he used treviso instead. It was really good, but I liked it the first night better. Many things could account for this: better balance among ingredients, for example – or just more plentiful food 😉 D also cooked up some plain ol’ green beans, and they were delicious.

D opened an Epicuro Nero d’Avola, which was good with the meal.

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